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Herbie’s story

I am The prohibited man, I am the prophecy the elite ran from for a millenia. The answers to the problems, which all have sought, and are still left to seek. All are to be found in this blundering useless typecast man. That will run, like a fool into every mistake, and fall for the pranks of the wileyest snake
I am the man that they tell you is bad, that will steal away your dreams, and laugh as you suffer. None of this is true.
I am a lover of fine times, and laughter and happy ever after, but that all begins with acceptance of whims and the responsibility you accepted after.

It has been a lifetime to realise what was wrong, what was actually needed. I knew it before but I was too busy chasing other mens dreams.
Instead I looked within, began to trust the universe and really think about what this meant. Learning and applying hermetics to the plant it was originally applied to beset an onward journey of excitement and wonder.

Amazing things occurred when applying hermetic principles to cannabis, or should I say the removal of prohibition. It is fundamentally wrong to force opinion onto another yet that is exactly what prohibition does. It is the act of forcing people to comply against their wills. It doesn’t need to be like that. There are ways to allow prohibited goods into society without needing total control and without any violence. There needs to be balance brought about now. When these other industries fed us with jobs for life, and we ended up with mobile phone stores everywhere and stuck on benefits we have to say.. We might just have been left the short straw. I know im not useless, just no bloody good in this shit stuck reality.

A cottage industry styled cannabis business, which can build and expand as the industry does.. Now we are talking. Get your seeds, buy soil, get a pot. And grow those babies. Fuck the law, it’s an ass!