It’s a plant rant…Again!

Well, who would have thought it… The ones that stick their necks out are usually the ones that get shot first.. I mean that’s what happens to people that preach change.

I was gonna go solo, You know fight my own battle, on my own. An act of lawful rebellion and the only way to get out the hell hole which is a benefits Britain.. and oh, how I hate that word. The way we are typecast. The way we have been shafted. Those of you laughing at their misery just remember, it only takes a slight change and you are back where we are.. Look up Niemoller’s First they came, and replace the words with the relevant outcasts of any stereotyping. It matter’s not.
For all the people that have suffered at the hands of prohibition. Watched the soul get sucked from the plant as they try desperately to make money from it whilst continuing to suppress our own usage.. How very bloody dare they!
I want to discuss with those in power, those that choose to administer whilst they profit. It is time for real change/ None of this mamby pamby ..’ oooh CBD’ shit. Let us have our plant and administer. You can have a 1p baggy tax and let us get on with things.. ABOVE THE LAW.. Just like they do!

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