Prohibition is a form of human slavery.

I was a very young target by the police, well my dad wasn’t exactly the most law abiding citizen, but they could never seem to get him for anything.
Desperation led them to target 20 year old me. three times in ten days. I was walked by an informant into a bust, I was at a house that got busted and i was on my way home when a trigger happy kid in a police uniform threatened to tasor me if i was any more aggressive.

Each time i was stopped and searched, and each time They would find something. I had succumbed to the illness of addiction. Back then it was anything really. I was a partier. I liked to rave and i loved to smoke in the chillout tent!

From those days. I went to court, I ruined my life and I found it very hard to readjust to ‘normal’ society life

I was further beaten with the unlucky stick as far as cannabis is concerned, 20 years later I was stopped from seeing my children for nearly a year. I had to give up the only thing that actually helped me on a daily basis.

When I sit down to think about all the issues involved with maintaining my medicinal need for cannabis, the ducking and diving. Getting ripped off, getting attacked for having a personal life choice and the fact that people that dont agree think they have the need or the knowhow to stop a man from smoking a plant which has more medicinal qualities than the whole pharmacy back shelf at pfizer.

One must question not a plant which is clearly aiding many sick and injured, but prohibition which allows all the negative factors to fester and get worse. By outcasting whole groups of people that are caught, and making the rest live a lie in order to maintain a normal lifestyle. It is a sick and twisted policy which is beginning to eat itself after almost 100 years of prohibition in the country. Industry has died, we are about to leave the EU, good or bad we have no industry. The one thing which could pretty much help every area with the multitude products cannabis and hemp produces, just read Jack herer’s arguments 30 years ago. It is time to accept that you have no right to war, to make law or to prohibit any longer. It is an unsustainable logic which is not doing much good for our economy. It comes to something if we are relying on court fines and imprisonments as a payment. Bloody ridiculous in fact.

We can see in every country and state that it has been legalised business is booming. Without prohibition the research we can do, the help we could get for ourselves, the economy needs prohibition to be removed from cannabis.

We are clearly the subjects of some of the biggest hypocrisy, I mean the government deem it relevant to issue licences.. Only to their best friends though! Only to people that have absolutely no interest other than their own in it. Why is it so difficult to let go of the leash? Maybe its the very people that lobby on a daily basis. People looking to throw people to the wind and deem them outcast than to allow a new enterprise to start out of the homes of the poorest… A completion of the infinity sign where that trickle down economy might actually begin to work.

To me personally, sat here chugging on a nice reefer of Honey pot in the sacred spliff in the sky, I gotta say the government has given the legalisation in the next 5-10 years.This SHOULD be a period of non-prosecution. It should be a period of building something towards that date. That starts with relaxing the way people are dealt with, it starts with opening doors to people like myself, disaffected by society and left out to dry.
End prohibition!

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