As above, so below

well in all history, It’s béen quite a while since anything like that occurred, or didn’t,. depending on perspective.

And now 4 billion people are being locked down on house arrest, hiding from the all new hidden enemy. Not drugs this time, or Western trained terrorists with spare bomb proof passports and a you tube podcast for liberal supporters and hashtag follows. Nope this enemy was tiny. So small, it’s debatable it even exists. Nobody had really heard of the Corona virus accept maybe Bill and Melinda gates, and the Chinese testing centres that played host to the first cases. It’s not like we weren’t expecting one.. Ol’ Billy boy had been warning our startled feariñg trusting stupid minds with visions of a healthy world, fully vaccinated and chípped.. They’re FUCKING CRAZIER THAN ME!

The sheer levels of stupidity have caused insurmountable damage. Not only to the elderly and weakest but also to every individual who may have struggled in these times. Unless able to accrue huge swaths of money. Many will find they don’t quite catch the qualification boxes for those payments. I think I have heard of 2 people personally, and neither have actually received it yet. It’s nothing personal. just government really.

It’s been a long unnecessary austerity period, followed by the greatest ‘catch n jab’ attempt the world has ever known. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but Bill Gates sounds a bit like Gollum when he says ‘vaccine’, and he says it a lot!

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