A herbetic approach to co(n)vid-19 and our future cannabis world

Contrary to my earlier suspicions that the cabal were only going to attack poor people, they decided poor people were too few. So they decided make that pool bigger, by sticking 4 billion people on lockdown worldwide..
Did I say lockdown? Fuck …it appears the Tavistock institute for human relations have been busy, rewording things to make them less painful.. Like House arrest. Lockdown is much less painful
Social distancing is less painful than total isolation, it doesn’t however take away the fact that is what you are doing. To cap it all off, we are expected to clap and bang pans in excitement at how fucking wonderful the NHS is. I love the NHS. They are fucking great.. I do not however appreciate fucking TIK TOK facilitating their narcissistic ways, whilst rubbing our faces in the shit situation we are in doing the fucking Titanic theme tune down the aisle of an empty ICU ward. IT IS NOT FUNNY, AND IT ISN’T CLEVER!

A message to Bill Gates, and the rest of the billionaire club

Dear Mr Gates, et al
Being a stupid poor person, with very little contribution to society, I have to wonder about some basic elements to this pandemic. I mean being poor and stupid, i won’t have read all those complicated texts you read, mainly written by people you agree with.. In fact, I imagine it difficult for you to envision somebody poor and stupid able to read and either decide this way or that what amount and element of total bullshit actually comes out your fucking mouth! Which is likely why you maintain this horrid malignant pose waving your scrawny fingers at the camera and talking about vaxxxxxiiiiiiiines.

Why i won’t take one of your fucking vaccines

I will not, nor will I ever take a vaccine from any of the corporations you have bankrolled, I have to question the whole Vaccine theorem.. but not before I question the whole virus theory. Despite the over arching censorship taking place not a lot looks into either of these two methodologies.. we simply listen to what we are being told by so-called experts. It isn’t just rammed down our throat, it is indoctrinated to us. I have many, many , many questions about every element of ‘information being sanguined into reality as its literally made up. None of koch’s postulates have passed for any of these vaccines. Because the whole theory is total bollocks. You know it.. so do all your billionaire friends. You have been successful Bill gates, et al, but please do not think you are infallible. You are not. Im 6 foot four and can kick your fucking arse. I can also read and write. I can also question official narrative. Curses to elementary education. Or not curses.. I mean elementary education would involve spewing BOLLOCKS down our throats in preparation a false plandemic… Ooh tell me, really what’ d’ya know?