A herbetic approach to co(n)vid-19 and our future cannabis world (Part 2)

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

So the shenanigans continue. The sheep are baring their teeth as some might say on the panopticon prison of the original killanthropist Jeremy Bentham. Who foresaw a prison or asylum in which the inmates governed themselves.. Whilst the watchers sat safely out the way. Able to watch the carnage in peace. I mean he did have some good ideas. Clean and healthy living, and sufferance of a few for the benefit of the many was the underlying utilitarian rule of thumb. The thing is, it wasn’t because they loved people that they made these enormous steps to today’s modern standards… It was because they hated them. People try to denominate races and sexes as if they were specific groups, actually it was anybody that was poor, it didn’t matter who or what you were. The poor were the backbone that created their wealth, but the really poor were considered ‘Residuum’. They feared revolution, they feared sickness and disease, and for these reasons.. ‘Their’ greater good wasn’t necessarily for the greater good of all, but overall it would make life better. It is with this first example that I am able to bring the present situation to the fore.

Herbies after he sorted out some mates with a blinding bong.. Wanna bong?

Billionaires have used this line of thinking and have perfected the art of killanthropy to such an extent that Bill Gates who was good at computer virus’s.. I mean windows has been a bit of a virus himself, with the way he took over the market and expected everyone to feel grateful for their lack of choice in the aftermath. They when they have set up their foundations are able to direct the research towards things that interest them. Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the world and create a zero carbon Earth… That could cause a huge amount of deaths ‘for the greater good!’ Of Bill, and his friends of Epstein island club.

For smokers this is much much worse than we could ever imagine. Government are able to crush supplies close up doors and lock us down. They want to give us a canncard to stop our persecution.. I mean it’s too soon for yellow stars yet, Eh Boris?

Maybe I am overreacting but a lot of the progress we had before february..which wasn’t a huge deal is looking further away with very little voices from the canna community speaking out as they should be on the subject. We are being lied to, having our economies crushed, repeating without question and policing and censoring anyone that speaks out.

It is time to take our positions and push for the removal of prohibition. Before they produce more propaganda and lies. The lies are so huge now that anything imposed should be null and void, and we should be demanding the removal of prohibition NOW!