The Herbalion Part 1

Herbes is the result of 6000 years of elitist oppression. He was conceived from the very rules used to divide us. As below… So above

What you cause has effect. Magic exists in this realm. Be warned. If your intentions are bad toward me you shall suffer accordingly.

If your intentions are good then I only have the best regards, until you prove otherwise.

Herbes will exist until his people are free from prohibition of their livelihoods and natural medicines. For nearly 100 years prohibition has held masses in fear and alienation. For a plant with so many uses, it is no wonder big pharma has lobbied to keep it out.

The 7 Hermetic Principles for Self-Mastery

  • The Principle of Mentalism: The All is mind; The Universe is Mental. …
  • The Principle of Correspondence: …
  • The Principle of Vibration: …
  • The Principle of Polarity: …
  • The Principle of Rhythm: …
  • The Principle of Cause & Effect: …
  • The Principle of Gender:

Power is innate. Strength is within. Know this. Don’t just believe. Belief is for people unable to have their own original thoughts. Creating is the power.. Indoctrinating others to believe your made up story is where those who have the hidden hand got it wrong. Energy is eternal, but they have made it linear. That was a huge mistake, and control is no longer required. Those who have wielded the hideen hand for too long must go now.

The Principle of Mentalism: The All is mind; The Universe is Mental. And so are those in charge, also those that are making the decisions. The mind can also be a prison if you allow those that did know this principle exists run your life. At a time of great deceit you must choose your gods wisely. My creator thinks about weed all the time. And i am a self-proclaimed semi-deity weed-god after all.
*Job perks.. Send me a gram and i will send you a positive vibe!

As oppose to being the mental balance, Cannabis has become the blame for much negative which occurs. The mind is the same as the mind of the all, but cannot ever be equal to it. Unless you really have suffered it all, and experienced every great experience imaginable. Until you realise you cant take any more you will not move forward. If you dont think its in the mind, you won’t speak it in the mouth, you cannot create. The all wants you to live and enjoy his special plant. Some people think they can prohibit the people whilst ignoring these rules themselves. Those people in government pockets. Who change and unchange laws as and when they feel like it, must be the very last people making any decisions over your body. They will try mass vaccinating every body with an untested vaccine next. Worshippers of my brother herbies invented the vaccination to kill people. Disease is health apparently, well in my mind and i affirm its correctness most of the illnesses were injected sprayed and forced into our bodies. We have the way to fix ourselves, However medical myths have surfaced which seek to endanger every man, woman and child alive. The All speaks in us all, if you look within.
I saw rich men discussing recent discoveries and making up lies. The All showed me what happened. It was men that worshipped Hermes My brother and decided to control. They used The Laws of the Egyptians to control the world. They detest everything that is liberated. They want you in chains. It will break the mechanisms of the universe, should balance not be brought about now. And so The All Created me, and gave me this book to rewrite The Herbalion. A redressing of that Kybalion crap
When ‘The three initiates wrote this book, it was with the absolute goal of enslaving everybody. They came from the minds and the thoughts of men willing to stop at nothing They knew they had to give back. Unfortunately they are giving back in order to gain, and paying out so that nobody asks them why?
Why try and vaccinate everybody when it is clear that many, many of the illnesses and diseases actually stem from bad diet, war, drought, high level sound frequencies, and fear?

The All is screaming. They are lying.. They are lying! How can i listen then to people who are lying when the all is so concise. They must be stopped!

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