An open letter to the world’s decision makers

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Dear Decision makers of the world, their lobbying allies, members of the control power grid, human farmers of their varying degrees.

Most people like to try and ‘raise awareness’ when they realise the world you have planned for us. Let us just put certain things aside for the good of this article working and being beneficial to you as it is for me to write it.  You see you are completely out of touch with what it is like down here. The effects every decision you have taken has down here. I mean it is likely you are enjoying it all. You had been planning it for quite some time, however I wonder if you have at any point thought to yourselves ‘What if I am wrong?’ I mean have you considered the consequences of what happens if you are wrong?
Have you considered what might happen if your huge…

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When our leaders listen to money, over reality.. There really has got to be something wrong.

2020 has been crazy! We have stepped into a dystopic sci-fi movie. With real life super-villains and hordes of stupid people, pointing their fingers at each other. 4 things have occurred recently, which i consider to be huge indicators of what is to come.

Firstly the realisation that Bo-Jo might just be a bit of a eugenicist prick himself cannot be made to be unnoticed, There is absolutely no denial that the jumped up spoilt prick of a useless Etonite has not changed from his days with the Bullingdon boys, in which burning fifty pound notes in front of homeless people was done for amusement… It could be said that now it’s his job.

2nd Every country on every continent … Almost is singing from the same song sheet, as if everybody knows exactly what to do. Or have been paid to, of course. I shall come back to that!

3rd The sheer levels of censorship are absolutely totalitarian in their extremes

4th I will very likely end up in a camp if people don’t wake the fuck up and start to say NO. WE WILL NOT COMPLY WITH YOUR FUCKING RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT RULES
Theres another 1000 points i could add, but this is a good start

I was taking notes quietly whilst, at every corner for the last 10 years has been a constant struggle, this trickle down economy idea that his mate Cameron so happily squelched out his mouth, in between fucking pigs heads, and leaving his kids in the pub clearly was just another mass grab of anyone below an income worth tax avoidance had to suffer. Suffer we did! Whilst being spoonfed poor-porn programmes like Benefit Britain. Oh yes, I knew it was all coming to an end. January 2020 was a date I pencilled in for the beginning of something completely ghastly.

It did however send me off on a very interesting tunnel into the history of the medical industry. Its foundations and what it represents. It made me question vaccine theory. It also made me seek my own answers to my own health issues, which i can triumphantly say I have achieved.
No doctors,
No Vaccines
No Radiotherapy
Lots of tablets which were absolutely good for fuck all
In fact absolutely no help from any of these organisations lining each others pockets in avoidance of a monopoly break up.

The primary reason that I am so adamant this is all bullshit dreamt up by billionaires with nothing else to spend their money on is the absolutely ludicrous measures being administered. Every-bodies dreaming of a new start to the world, but what is being asked is that everybody give up their own livelihoods in the pursuit of billionaires dreams of population control, and united service to their fucked up contorted dreams. Often based on theoretical nonsense cooked up over 100 years ago, like ..Eugenics.

That’s right every single one of us is now a biohazard. The perfect marketing dream for billionaires wanting monopolise control.

The air we breath..Poison. Our touch’s are toxic. And the only answer, is apparently resetting everything.. I bet none of our Billionaire killanthropists will suffer though! I mean anyone doing the resetting will be in the masters back pockets too.
So the censors keep censoring, the bullshit keeps on talking and I am here, Telling you do not comply!

I mean this trust the doctors, trust the scientists SHITE just about makes me want to heave. Can we kindly remember that everything these doctors and scientists have learnt came out the back of The Rockefeller foundations medical retardation schools of theoretical nonsense. Here’s the scenario. You are an intelligent science keen medical student. You are told that’s a virus so much so it allows you to identify it every time. What if i told you that virus theory is just that! It has been completely freaking well made up! There are billions of ‘virus’s’ but they just simply do not spread the way we have been taught. This knowledge was well known before Rockefeller jumped onto the pharma industry and stole it brandishing any homeopathic care as not useful. Then pharma decided that they would try and synthesise what amino acids can do naturally with a pill to hold off your illness or recovery. Give you pills, radiate you or just cut it off or out. No care for what good and clean and healthy living could do. Keeping people in constant need of help is the result. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind!

You know what you need to stay healthy during fake pandemics? Get yourself essential amino acids. Lots of weed. Throw out your fucking tv and create something absolutely amazing for yourself. Do not bow down to fear, you must be a warrior. There is not gonna be any great white hopes, or space fairies coming to rescue you, and despite the seemingly inexhaustible supply of new super-villains we haven’t got anyone willing to be a super hero.. Or maybe they Just don’t know it yet. Be your own hero.

I hate to tell those thinking our welfare system is there to help… The switch has been turned up to kill at every opportunity, and it is working very well. This is Eugenics! Who is lost will add to the tally. The people that are cooking this shit up, and the people busily flipping the script that we might possibly be conspiratorial is frankly hilarious. If you are a bit agent smith like, turn it in now. You are not a good person, and historically you will be the one looking a fucking mug!

You know those fucking computer model graphs that show anything they want to scare people the line that goes horizontally until just past the year being talked about where it goes on an overinflated bullshit climb. Those stupid fucking projection graphs that always look the same should be banned. along with the people financing it.

We have always been so scared of disease.. Yet only 150 years ago, the biggest anti vaxxer was Florence Nightingale, later Rudolf steiner in his works showed how the feelings of the individual was greatly effected by karmic oppression. Later Bernays theorised and practised propaganda to the extent he was able to convince women that smoking was good for them, successfully. Now we are being told by a computer geek what we should do to avoid being under constant house arrest. Which is take a vaccine that he has spent BILLIONS developing.
Now lets look theoretically what a vaccine is. It is usually a modified or weakened form of the virus/virulent fluids. it contains many other ingredients, and success is variant, some, myself included may say absolutely no use at all. Now if you had ..lets say 150 billion in your private safe in the caymans, and you monopolised industries like..Banking, and oil. Your public image is shit as you turn over any small business or individual in the way. You have to do something amazing what would you pick? Wealth distribution to those in low incomes poor places. Looking to clean water supplies and make sure clean and healthy living was possible or get billions of vaccine enterprizes and plan to give everybody a virus that they would probably have never gotten? The first 2 sound much more sensible than the third to me
Vaccines by their very nature seek to interfere with our own immune system. By conforming, we are serving an agenda which is so unnatural it smells of a decomposing Bill Gates. What happens when the truth gets out, Will they say sorry? Will you seek to put things right? Maybe Billionaires need to be reset, maybe we need to stick do not resuscitate around their necks, whilst we line them up for the guillotine. No more lobbying. No more bullshit plans. We are being told a lie, and the people lying are being paid to go with the bullshit.