Why Covid-19 is complete Bollocks

This is the first draft. It is going to be added to as i compile further research, I may even take out the swearwords, but i doubt it!

Virus theory. The idea that something within you can fly out of one body and into another is complete bunk! It comes off the back of Germ theory, also bollocks. The people that have set up their various foundations, didn’t nor have they ever given a flying fuck about any of us. They build foundations because during their lifetime they acquired so much money that they were going to be broken up. Amongst the first was Rockefeller. The oil magnate had monopolised the industry and had to pursue other interests with his vast wealth. Medicine was where he went, along with a few others.

At the time there was great dissent, especially from famous nurses and doctors of the time, such as Florence Nightingale. Who insisted that it was down to the condition as oppose to some invisible enemy. In this we are able to identify THE GREATEST LIES EVER TOLD. Lets face it Rockefeller didn’t go into medicine and big pharma to help people he did it to profit.from their sickness.

You can’t catch a virus. It is something within you which comes up in times of stress or poor nutrition, unclean living, sometimes they get in through wounds, but essentially I am very much of the opinion that contagion or the idea that contagious disease is a complete myth. The only way you can catch a virus is really by injection. Think about all the jabs we have had, what else goes into those jabs, and i am not talking about the additives, im talking about the viral sludge which could contain any number of viral illness. I mean they are sticking a blank spike protein in this vaccine too, a bunch of viral mess containing anything, could contain other illnesses such as HIV another spiked protein created in our pharma labs, i strongly suspect a lot of people are going to get that instead of covid! I am not saying people do not get sick, I am saying it is not a virus, please understand that. Virus’s are in us

My hypothesis is that we are being environmentally poisoned, with 24 hour fear being cast across all networks. The crap that is put in our food and sprayed in the air, coupled with the very many different radio waves can be enough to make an individual ill and bring up a viral infection of some format or another. The fact remains that we still haven’t actually seen sars-cov2 isolated. On its own. That taking samples of viral sludge and amplifying its levels 30 000 times will bring up absolutely any illness seems like it is in existence. If it isn’t in you, nor able to get into your bloodstream it cant do anything. The very thought of getting sick is what will make people ill in these circumstances. Healthy and well fed people will be much less likely to get ill than somebody unable to eat due to drought. Then whatever virus are in your body can and often do come up. I know this because i have been so hungry I began a bodily shutdown. After a year I am fully recovered thanks to the universe’s intervention. In our moments of weakness, the answers often prevail.

Nearly every single pandemic and plague have been a result of poor living, natural disasters, wars. All these external factors will induce fear and make whole swaths of people sick at the same time. This was well known. For years. The idea that the great plague was caused by the fleas of rats is more likely to have been the squalor they were living in than a flea with a killer disease, IT MAKES NO SENSE! Where did they all go.. did they jump into the great fire of london thinking this is our chance to get rid of these pesky human eating fleas. Of course not. The great fire cleared out London of its dirty grubby squats and replaced them with better conditioned housing. Sanitation was the next big issue, If you tip and pour piss and shit into the street people are gonna get sick. A Sewerage system was introduced. This wasn’t for us though. Not to keep us safe. It was to stop the aristocracy from catching disease from the pesky peasants. This was around the 1850’s with 2 million people moving to the city having been forced out of their homes in many cases. There were a few major diseases, cholera being one of them, At the time there was a great deal of dispute as to whether Vaccines were actually the reason for smallpox to disappear, or whether it was the better understanding of the disease condition, or the healthstate of an individual or even a whole nation of people. Well they are trying it on a worldwide scale, introducing rules which cause the very conditions for disease to spread, you can amplify levels of poisoning with pollution, fake news propaganda, fake medical propaganda and the help of the Tavistock institute for human relations (social engineering). How do you make a whole world scared? You tell them they are all going to die! I’m telling you that you are not. The deaths are coming thick and fast now, overreactions to the anti bodies. I can speak about this too.
The new Mrna Vaccine which seeks to inject viral sludge with amino acids to create the anti bodies, is not science. It is plain fucking stupid! I happen to sell amino acids, and i know the best route is straight through the gut tracts. Now if this virus is so contagious, and aminos are what are needed to create the anti-bodies, surely all we need are amino’s to drink because by injecting it, you are literally just giving us the virus.. which will then never ever leave your body.. you can’t catch a virus, just like you can’t lose one, you can however gain strong anti-bodies that can fight these things much quicker than any ventilator or bloody needle. Therefore to wrap things up. The idea that a virus can spread from one person to another is highly questionable and has still not been proven, and the most obvious element poisoning hasn’t even come into any of the studies. It is an invisible enemy which looks like a computer graphic. Bullshit! Sometimes trusting science is just plain stupid, especially if the science has been paid for. To create an agenda been planned for years. The very need to control every single individual in the world is what makes this a virus and not toxic poisoning in its many formats. It is not only worth billions, it also brings closer the transhuman agenda, and one world government, under a technocratic dictatorship in which all emotions, all feelings opinions and thought are going to be made illegal. In which every individual becomes a health terrorist, a biohazard, a spare body part for Elon’s Robot army.