Why convid-1984 is complete Bollocks part 2

Really in hindsight, if you are 18 months into this pandemic, if you are still wearing a mask and thinking that lil ole corona Thingy, stingy is gonna hurt you still.. You should most probably just be put down anyway.
You have lost the will to think freely
Most of your information comes from the news, and you are either completely unaware or completely clueless at the damage you are actually doing to mankind. I have to say it must be that you don’t care. You say you do.. ;Im walking around like a prisoner of Guantanamo; is not a claim to fame however. You are no fucking hero!

If after nearly 2 fucking years of 2 weeks to flatten the curve hasn’t woken you up to the way you are being treated, there really is no help for you. You are a lost soul, on its way to Armageddon. An oversoaked seed in the 5g communications of life. A clone when you could have been a free soul.. But…
you want me to wear a fucking mask?
You want me to stay away from other people?
You want me to isolate?

Go fuck your mother in an uncompromising position like what you are endorsing in doing to me and my loved ones.
Seriously take your fucking head out of your arse and ask yourself.. Do i really want them to do this for me or for them? Am i just being a useless fucking idiot.. Or can i better mankind?

Unless you can actually better mankind, it’s probably best you just climb into that useless fucking hole you just climbed out of.
It seems after 2 years of this shit i may need to spell shit out to you. Please do not bleed around your pc’s, I will not be held accountable.
You can’t catch a virus. This is a complete scam. Now suppose what i say needs further research. You should do it, what have discovered leaves no doubt in my mind, however you could be different
TO BE CONTINUED, And yes there is much much more to say!