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Well, hasn’t the last 3 years dragged on. The truth is, there is only so much ranting one can do in a day. And i have pretty much sung from the same song sheet throughout. My political stance is Anarchy. I need no leader and do not wish to lead either.

The world has become farcical in its integrity and non-committal bordering on communist in its truth giving. Having looked into the idea of contagious disease. Most of it is likely mythological as well. What an utter balls-up we have made of the world.

Divide and conquer is absolutely the greatest tool being used, whilst we are being slowly poisoned and injected with fear. Pissed on by the big club and told that it’s raining. Asked to bend over a bit further whilst government fucks us all a little bit harder with with its double ender of agenda driven politics…

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