Ahh you don’t wanna know about me!
If you do, you are likely government so f*** off!

This is about the plant, about the philosophy of the plant
About the prohibition of the plant and why it absolutely must be reintroduced back unprohibited and able to lift those cast from society back into a fundamentally crucial career path.

The enemy isn’t the plant, it is the prohibition of it.
When Britain exits Europe, we have the opportunity to rebuild Britain from Bottom up! This looks increasingly unlikely to happen with the way May and her Drug and gun-toting g4s private army husband, private banker Phillip, who makes a fortune out of its prohibition.

When The government exports huge amounts and still prohibits their own people.. You got to call a conflict of interest.Why prohibit your own people whilst going out there and being the dealer too? There are clear ways to deal with this, acting thuggish towards their own and Dr Greenthumb to exported nations is called the Mafia model
It can not be allowed to continue!


Since writing this, they went, back to run through fields of weed.
This is the fundamental issue, those in charge over the last millenia have sacked the shit out of every moving living finite resource they can get their grubby little hands on. Prohibition is no more than a way to stop people being able to control their own lives.
They got to submit now, let us back to save this shit stink of a rat infested hellhole from the politicians and the money men. Equal opportunities for those that have been pilloried into submission before. Stand up and speak out.
Welcome to the weednaisance!