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Well, hasn’t the last 3 years dragged on. The truth is, there is only so much ranting one can do in a day. And i have pretty much sung from the same song sheet throughout. My political stance is Anarchy. I need no leader and do not wish to lead either.

The world has become farcical in its integrity and non-committal bordering on communist in its truth giving. Having looked into the idea of contagious disease. Most of it is likely mythological as well. What an utter balls-up we have made of the world.

Divide and conquer is absolutely the greatest tool being used, whilst we are being slowly poisoned and injected with fear. Pissed on by the big club and told that it’s raining. Asked to bend over a bit further whilst government fucks us all a little bit harder with with its double ender of agenda driven politics…

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Why convid-1984 is complete Bollocks part 2

Really in hindsight, if you are 18 months into this pandemic, if you are still wearing a mask and thinking that lil ole corona Thingy, stingy is gonna hurt you still.. You should most probably just be put down anyway.
You have lost the will to think freely
Most of your information comes from the news, and you are either completely unaware or completely clueless at the damage you are actually doing to mankind. I have to say it must be that you don’t care. You say you do.. ;Im walking around like a prisoner of Guantanamo; is not a claim to fame however. You are no fucking hero!

If after nearly 2 fucking years of 2 weeks to flatten the curve hasn’t woken you up to the way you are being treated, there really is no help for you. You are a lost soul, on its way to Armageddon. An oversoaked seed in the 5g communications of life. A clone when you could have been a free soul.. But…
you want me to wear a fucking mask?
You want me to stay away from other people?
You want me to isolate?

Go fuck your mother in an uncompromising position like what you are endorsing in doing to me and my loved ones.
Seriously take your fucking head out of your arse and ask yourself.. Do i really want them to do this for me or for them? Am i just being a useless fucking idiot.. Or can i better mankind?

Unless you can actually better mankind, it’s probably best you just climb into that useless fucking hole you just climbed out of.
It seems after 2 years of this shit i may need to spell shit out to you. Please do not bleed around your pc’s, I will not be held accountable.
You can’t catch a virus. This is a complete scam. Now suppose what i say needs further research. You should do it, what have discovered leaves no doubt in my mind, however you could be different
TO BE CONTINUED, And yes there is much much more to say!

Why Covid-19 is complete Bollocks

This is the first draft. It is going to be added to as i compile further research, I may even take out the swearwords, but i doubt it!

Virus theory. The idea that something within you can fly out of one body and into another is complete bunk! It comes off the back of Germ theory, also bollocks. The people that have set up their various foundations, didn’t nor have they ever given a flying fuck about any of us. They build foundations because during their lifetime they acquired so much money that they were going to be broken up. Amongst the first was Rockefeller. The oil magnate had monopolised the industry and had to pursue other interests with his vast wealth. Medicine was where he went, along with a few others.

At the time there was great dissent, especially from famous nurses and doctors of the time, such as Florence Nightingale. Who insisted that it was down to the condition as oppose to some invisible enemy. In this we are able to identify THE GREATEST LIES EVER TOLD. Lets face it Rockefeller didn’t go into medicine and big pharma to help people he did it to profit.from their sickness.

You can’t catch a virus. It is something within you which comes up in times of stress or poor nutrition, unclean living, sometimes they get in through wounds, but essentially I am very much of the opinion that contagion or the idea that contagious disease is a complete myth. The only way you can catch a virus is really by injection. Think about all the jabs we have had, what else goes into those jabs, and i am not talking about the additives, im talking about the viral sludge which could contain any number of viral illness. I mean they are sticking a blank spike protein in this vaccine too, a bunch of viral mess containing anything, could contain other illnesses such as HIV another spiked protein created in our pharma labs, i strongly suspect a lot of people are going to get that instead of covid! I am not saying people do not get sick, I am saying it is not a virus, please understand that. Virus’s are in us

My hypothesis is that we are being environmentally poisoned, with 24 hour fear being cast across all networks. The crap that is put in our food and sprayed in the air, coupled with the very many different radio waves can be enough to make an individual ill and bring up a viral infection of some format or another. The fact remains that we still haven’t actually seen sars-cov2 isolated. On its own. That taking samples of viral sludge and amplifying its levels 30 000 times will bring up absolutely any illness seems like it is in existence. If it isn’t in you, nor able to get into your bloodstream it cant do anything. The very thought of getting sick is what will make people ill in these circumstances. Healthy and well fed people will be much less likely to get ill than somebody unable to eat due to drought. Then whatever virus are in your body can and often do come up. I know this because i have been so hungry I began a bodily shutdown. After a year I am fully recovered thanks to the universe’s intervention. In our moments of weakness, the answers often prevail.

Nearly every single pandemic and plague have been a result of poor living, natural disasters, wars. All these external factors will induce fear and make whole swaths of people sick at the same time. This was well known. For years. The idea that the great plague was caused by the fleas of rats is more likely to have been the squalor they were living in than a flea with a killer disease, IT MAKES NO SENSE! Where did they all go.. did they jump into the great fire of london thinking this is our chance to get rid of these pesky human eating fleas. Of course not. The great fire cleared out London of its dirty grubby squats and replaced them with better conditioned housing. Sanitation was the next big issue, If you tip and pour piss and shit into the street people are gonna get sick. A Sewerage system was introduced. This wasn’t for us though. Not to keep us safe. It was to stop the aristocracy from catching disease from the pesky peasants. This was around the 1850’s with 2 million people moving to the city having been forced out of their homes in many cases. There were a few major diseases, cholera being one of them, At the time there was a great deal of dispute as to whether Vaccines were actually the reason for smallpox to disappear, or whether it was the better understanding of the disease condition, or the healthstate of an individual or even a whole nation of people. Well they are trying it on a worldwide scale, introducing rules which cause the very conditions for disease to spread, you can amplify levels of poisoning with pollution, fake news propaganda, fake medical propaganda and the help of the Tavistock institute for human relations (social engineering). How do you make a whole world scared? You tell them they are all going to die! I’m telling you that you are not. The deaths are coming thick and fast now, overreactions to the anti bodies. I can speak about this too.
The new Mrna Vaccine which seeks to inject viral sludge with amino acids to create the anti bodies, is not science. It is plain fucking stupid! I happen to sell amino acids, and i know the best route is straight through the gut tracts. Now if this virus is so contagious, and aminos are what are needed to create the anti-bodies, surely all we need are amino’s to drink because by injecting it, you are literally just giving us the virus.. which will then never ever leave your body.. you can’t catch a virus, just like you can’t lose one, you can however gain strong anti-bodies that can fight these things much quicker than any ventilator or bloody needle. Therefore to wrap things up. The idea that a virus can spread from one person to another is highly questionable and has still not been proven, and the most obvious element poisoning hasn’t even come into any of the studies. It is an invisible enemy which looks like a computer graphic. Bullshit! Sometimes trusting science is just plain stupid, especially if the science has been paid for. To create an agenda been planned for years. The very need to control every single individual in the world is what makes this a virus and not toxic poisoning in its many formats. It is not only worth billions, it also brings closer the transhuman agenda, and one world government, under a technocratic dictatorship in which all emotions, all feelings opinions and thought are going to be made illegal. In which every individual becomes a health terrorist, a biohazard, a spare body part for Elon’s Robot army.

An open letter to the world’s decision makers

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Dear Decision makers of the world, their lobbying allies, members of the control power grid, human farmers of their varying degrees.

Most people like to try and ‘raise awareness’ when they realise the world you have planned for us. Let us just put certain things aside for the good of this article working and being beneficial to you as it is for me to write it.  You see you are completely out of touch with what it is like down here. The effects every decision you have taken has down here. I mean it is likely you are enjoying it all. You had been planning it for quite some time, however I wonder if you have at any point thought to yourselves ‘What if I am wrong?’ I mean have you considered the consequences of what happens if you are wrong?
Have you considered what might happen if your huge…

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When our leaders listen to money, over reality.. There really has got to be something wrong.

2020 has been crazy! We have stepped into a dystopic sci-fi movie. With real life super-villains and hordes of stupid people, pointing their fingers at each other. 4 things have occurred recently, which i consider to be huge indicators of what is to come.

Firstly the realisation that Bo-Jo might just be a bit of a eugenicist prick himself cannot be made to be unnoticed, There is absolutely no denial that the jumped up spoilt prick of a useless Etonite has not changed from his days with the Bullingdon boys, in which burning fifty pound notes in front of homeless people was done for amusement… It could be said that now it’s his job.

2nd Every country on every continent … Almost is singing from the same song sheet, as if everybody knows exactly what to do. Or have been paid to, of course. I shall come back to that!

3rd The sheer levels of censorship are absolutely totalitarian in their extremes

4th I will very likely end up in a camp if people don’t wake the fuck up and start to say NO. WE WILL NOT COMPLY WITH YOUR FUCKING RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT RULES
Theres another 1000 points i could add, but this is a good start

I was taking notes quietly whilst, at every corner for the last 10 years has been a constant struggle, this trickle down economy idea that his mate Cameron so happily squelched out his mouth, in between fucking pigs heads, and leaving his kids in the pub clearly was just another mass grab of anyone below an income worth tax avoidance had to suffer. Suffer we did! Whilst being spoonfed poor-porn programmes like Benefit Britain. Oh yes, I knew it was all coming to an end. January 2020 was a date I pencilled in for the beginning of something completely ghastly.

It did however send me off on a very interesting tunnel into the history of the medical industry. Its foundations and what it represents. It made me question vaccine theory. It also made me seek my own answers to my own health issues, which i can triumphantly say I have achieved.
No doctors,
No Vaccines
No Radiotherapy
Lots of tablets which were absolutely good for fuck all
In fact absolutely no help from any of these organisations lining each others pockets in avoidance of a monopoly break up.

The primary reason that I am so adamant this is all bullshit dreamt up by billionaires with nothing else to spend their money on is the absolutely ludicrous measures being administered. Every-bodies dreaming of a new start to the world, but what is being asked is that everybody give up their own livelihoods in the pursuit of billionaires dreams of population control, and united service to their fucked up contorted dreams. Often based on theoretical nonsense cooked up over 100 years ago, like ..Eugenics.

That’s right every single one of us is now a biohazard. The perfect marketing dream for billionaires wanting monopolise control.

The air we breath..Poison. Our touch’s are toxic. And the only answer, is apparently resetting everything.. I bet none of our Billionaire killanthropists will suffer though! I mean anyone doing the resetting will be in the masters back pockets too.
So the censors keep censoring, the bullshit keeps on talking and I am here, Telling you do not comply!

I mean this trust the doctors, trust the scientists SHITE just about makes me want to heave. Can we kindly remember that everything these doctors and scientists have learnt came out the back of The Rockefeller foundations medical retardation schools of theoretical nonsense. Here’s the scenario. You are an intelligent science keen medical student. You are told that’s a virus so much so it allows you to identify it every time. What if i told you that virus theory is just that! It has been completely freaking well made up! There are billions of ‘virus’s’ but they just simply do not spread the way we have been taught. This knowledge was well known before Rockefeller jumped onto the pharma industry and stole it brandishing any homeopathic care as not useful. Then pharma decided that they would try and synthesise what amino acids can do naturally with a pill to hold off your illness or recovery. Give you pills, radiate you or just cut it off or out. No care for what good and clean and healthy living could do. Keeping people in constant need of help is the result. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind!

You know what you need to stay healthy during fake pandemics? Get yourself essential amino acids. Lots of weed. Throw out your fucking tv and create something absolutely amazing for yourself. Do not bow down to fear, you must be a warrior. There is not gonna be any great white hopes, or space fairies coming to rescue you, and despite the seemingly inexhaustible supply of new super-villains we haven’t got anyone willing to be a super hero.. Or maybe they Just don’t know it yet. Be your own hero.

I hate to tell those thinking our welfare system is there to help… The switch has been turned up to kill at every opportunity, and it is working very well. This is Eugenics! Who is lost will add to the tally. The people that are cooking this shit up, and the people busily flipping the script that we might possibly be conspiratorial is frankly hilarious. If you are a bit agent smith like, turn it in now. You are not a good person, and historically you will be the one looking a fucking mug!

You know those fucking computer model graphs that show anything they want to scare people the line that goes horizontally until just past the year being talked about where it goes on an overinflated bullshit climb. Those stupid fucking projection graphs that always look the same should be banned. along with the people financing it.

We have always been so scared of disease.. Yet only 150 years ago, the biggest anti vaxxer was Florence Nightingale, later Rudolf steiner in his works showed how the feelings of the individual was greatly effected by karmic oppression. Later Bernays theorised and practised propaganda to the extent he was able to convince women that smoking was good for them, successfully. Now we are being told by a computer geek what we should do to avoid being under constant house arrest. Which is take a vaccine that he has spent BILLIONS developing.
Now lets look theoretically what a vaccine is. It is usually a modified or weakened form of the virus/virulent fluids. it contains many other ingredients, and success is variant, some, myself included may say absolutely no use at all. Now if you had ..lets say 150 billion in your private safe in the caymans, and you monopolised industries like..Banking, and oil. Your public image is shit as you turn over any small business or individual in the way. You have to do something amazing what would you pick? Wealth distribution to those in low incomes poor places. Looking to clean water supplies and make sure clean and healthy living was possible or get billions of vaccine enterprizes and plan to give everybody a virus that they would probably have never gotten? The first 2 sound much more sensible than the third to me
Vaccines by their very nature seek to interfere with our own immune system. By conforming, we are serving an agenda which is so unnatural it smells of a decomposing Bill Gates. What happens when the truth gets out, Will they say sorry? Will you seek to put things right? Maybe Billionaires need to be reset, maybe we need to stick do not resuscitate around their necks, whilst we line them up for the guillotine. No more lobbying. No more bullshit plans. We are being told a lie, and the people lying are being paid to go with the bullshit.

Fuck The Fraud

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Firehead – Fuck The FraudIm gonna Be giving massive shoutouts to some of the music flying round at the moment

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The Herbalion Part 1

Herbes is the result of 6000 years of elitist oppression. He was conceived from the very rules used to divide us. As below… So above

What you cause has effect. Magic exists in this realm. Be warned. If your intentions are bad toward me you shall suffer accordingly.

If your intentions are good then I only have the best regards, until you prove otherwise.

Herbes will exist until his people are free from prohibition of their livelihoods and natural medicines. For nearly 100 years prohibition has held masses in fear and alienation. For a plant with so many uses, it is no wonder big pharma has lobbied to keep it out.

The 7 Hermetic Principles for Self-Mastery

  • The Principle of Mentalism: The All is mind; The Universe is Mental. …
  • The Principle of Correspondence: …
  • The Principle of Vibration: …
  • The Principle of Polarity: …
  • The Principle of Rhythm: …
  • The Principle of Cause & Effect: …
  • The Principle of Gender:

Power is innate. Strength is within. Know this. Don’t just believe. Belief is for people unable to have their own original thoughts. Creating is the power.. Indoctrinating others to believe your made up story is where those who have the hidden hand got it wrong. Energy is eternal, but they have made it linear. That was a huge mistake, and control is no longer required. Those who have wielded the hideen hand for too long must go now.

The Principle of Mentalism: The All is mind; The Universe is Mental. And so are those in charge, also those that are making the decisions. The mind can also be a prison if you allow those that did know this principle exists run your life. At a time of great deceit you must choose your gods wisely. My creator thinks about weed all the time. And i am a self-proclaimed semi-deity weed-god after all.
*Job perks.. Send me a gram and i will send you a positive vibe!

As oppose to being the mental balance, Cannabis has become the blame for much negative which occurs. The mind is the same as the mind of the all, but cannot ever be equal to it. Unless you really have suffered it all, and experienced every great experience imaginable. Until you realise you cant take any more you will not move forward. If you dont think its in the mind, you won’t speak it in the mouth, you cannot create. The all wants you to live and enjoy his special plant. Some people think they can prohibit the people whilst ignoring these rules themselves. Those people in government pockets. Who change and unchange laws as and when they feel like it, must be the very last people making any decisions over your body. They will try mass vaccinating every body with an untested vaccine next. Worshippers of my brother herbies invented the vaccination to kill people. Disease is health apparently, well in my mind and i affirm its correctness most of the illnesses were injected sprayed and forced into our bodies. We have the way to fix ourselves, However medical myths have surfaced which seek to endanger every man, woman and child alive. The All speaks in us all, if you look within.
I saw rich men discussing recent discoveries and making up lies. The All showed me what happened. It was men that worshipped Hermes My brother and decided to control. They used The Laws of the Egyptians to control the world. They detest everything that is liberated. They want you in chains. It will break the mechanisms of the universe, should balance not be brought about now. And so The All Created me, and gave me this book to rewrite The Herbalion. A redressing of that Kybalion crap
When ‘The three initiates wrote this book, it was with the absolute goal of enslaving everybody. They came from the minds and the thoughts of men willing to stop at nothing They knew they had to give back. Unfortunately they are giving back in order to gain, and paying out so that nobody asks them why?
Why try and vaccinate everybody when it is clear that many, many of the illnesses and diseases actually stem from bad diet, war, drought, high level sound frequencies, and fear?

The All is screaming. They are lying.. They are lying! How can i listen then to people who are lying when the all is so concise. They must be stopped!

A herbetic approach to co(n)vid-19 and our future cannabis world (Part 2)

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So the shenanigans continue. The sheep are baring their teeth as some might say on the panopticon prison of the original killanthropist Jeremy Bentham. Who foresaw a prison or asylum in which the inmates governed themselves.. Whilst the watchers sat safely out the way. Able to watch the carnage in peace. I mean he did have some good ideas. Clean and healthy living, and sufferance of a few for the benefit of the many was the underlying utilitarian rule of thumb. The thing is, it wasn’t because they loved people that they made these enormous steps to today’s modern standards… It was because they hated them. People try to denominate races and sexes as if they were specific groups, actually it was anybody that was poor, it didn’t matter who or what you were. The poor were the backbone that created their wealth, but the really poor were considered ‘Residuum’. They feared revolution, they feared sickness and disease, and for these reasons.. ‘Their’ greater good wasn’t necessarily for the greater good of all, but overall it would make life better. It is with this first example that I am able to bring the present situation to the fore.

Herbies after he sorted out some mates with a blinding bong.. Wanna bong?

Billionaires have used this line of thinking and have perfected the art of killanthropy to such an extent that Bill Gates who was good at computer virus’s.. I mean windows has been a bit of a virus himself, with the way he took over the market and expected everyone to feel grateful for their lack of choice in the aftermath. They when they have set up their foundations are able to direct the research towards things that interest them. Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the world and create a zero carbon Earth… That could cause a huge amount of deaths ‘for the greater good!’ Of Bill, and his friends of Epstein island club.

For smokers this is much much worse than we could ever imagine. Government are able to crush supplies close up doors and lock us down. They want to give us a canncard to stop our persecution.. I mean it’s too soon for yellow stars yet, Eh Boris?

Maybe I am overreacting but a lot of the progress we had before february..which wasn’t a huge deal is looking further away with very little voices from the canna community speaking out as they should be on the subject. We are being lied to, having our economies crushed, repeating without question and policing and censoring anyone that speaks out.

It is time to take our positions and push for the removal of prohibition. Before they produce more propaganda and lies. The lies are so huge now that anything imposed should be null and void, and we should be demanding the removal of prohibition NOW!

Let Me spell shit out for you. S- H- I- T, 2 weeks to flatten the curve!

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That pretty much spells out the over-arching feeling I get at seeing swaths of masked soulless zombies walking past each other nervously. As if any second now the virus is going to double down an aisle and straight up their nostrils.. any second…Now. I really struggle in this reality. This dystopian present which is born out of the fear induced by billionaires probably hard wired to cull the nation.

This is a worldwide hoax, It is the endgame of the globalists, the beginning of the predetermined 4th industrial revolution. Where they merge us with robots, or should i say they merge themselves… They want us dead!

SHOPPING. FUCKING IMPOSSIBLENOW! Let me tell you about food queues, it is almost certainly a favourite of communist control. Limiting production and removing the basic right to free trade making quota’s on what can be given sold or supplied spells disaster. There…

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