A message to Bill Gates, and the rest of the billionaire club

Dear Mr Gates, et al
Being a stupid poor person, with very little contribution to society, I have to wonder about some basic elements to this pandemic. I mean being poor and stupid, i won’t have read all those complicated texts you read, mainly written by people you agree with.. In fact, I imagine it difficult for you to envision somebody poor and stupid able to read and either decide this way or that what amount and element of total bullshit actually comes out your fucking mouth! Which is likely why you maintain this horrid malignant pose waving your scrawny fingers at the camera and talking about vaxxxxxiiiiiiiines.

Why i won’t take one of your fucking vaccines

I will not, nor will I ever take a vaccine from any of the corporations you have bankrolled, I have to question the whole Vaccine theorem.. but not before I question the whole virus theory. Despite the over arching censorship taking place not a lot looks into either of these two methodologies.. we simply listen to what we are being told by so-called experts. It isn’t just rammed down our throat, it is indoctrinated to us. I have many, many , many questions about every element of ‘information being sanguined into reality as its literally made up. None of koch’s postulates have passed for any of these vaccines. Because the whole theory is total bollocks. You know it.. so do all your billionaire friends. You have been successful Bill gates, et al, but please do not think you are infallible. You are not. Im 6 foot four and can kick your fucking arse. I can also read and write. I can also question official narrative. Curses to elementary education. Or not curses.. I mean elementary education would involve spewing BOLLOCKS down our throats in preparation a false plandemic… Ooh tell me, really what’ d’ya know?

The Human Pharmacy

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A tale of disconnectedness, dystopia and the biggest lies told in history

Circumstances and choices all play their part, in leaving me in the position that I am long term classed as disabled and informed by most of the medical staff that there is no help for me. So I must rot on disability benefits. Not only is that position bad enough to come to terms with. Public opinion has turned on those in poor positions, such as myself in the long term and popular by the public ‘war on the poor’, it followed the war on drugs, terror and environment. It was also a lot more popular than it’s predecessors and many are in fact nostalgic for the days when they weren’t under house arrest and could point their finger accusingly at anyone termed a benefit scrounger.

If there were ‘honours’ lists for the most monumental levels of bad…

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Year of The Hermit

Year of The Hermit

And just when I am starting to balance things again the world is introduced to an invisible enemy which enables governments to lock down 4 billion people. Anyone descenting the ‘official story’ is lambasted by genuinely concerned citizens hearing horror stories coming through mainstream media, and so called experts giving quite frankly bogus science leaves me looking around, open-mouthed, shaking my head in dismay.

For the world as we have known it.. We could say the human race has pulled its Tower card. Massive upheaval, and some of our most targeted hatreds are suffering as badly, if not worse than ourselves. If not they have turned into the official co(n)vid-19 death squad and seek to inflict pain on anybody dissenting in any way to the massively unprecedented, and completely unnecessary actions that have been taken. Anyone that questions the official story is slammed down for being irresponsible and true hatred is spewed by them. The current climate in a completely different context reminds me of Spike lee’s Long hot summer.

So certain groups of people have been highlighted, pigeonholed and shamed in groups, any dissenting view is being smothered and targetted by people refusing to hear any other version and harnessing the fear into a massive boil on the side of Earth’s arse, frankly!

There is another time this reminds me of. What springs to mind is Nazi Germany actually:- I mean, Mainstream media is now the ministry of propaganda, and internet. Totalitarian techniques are being used in order to create food queues. People are scared to leave their homes. Neighbours are grassing on their neighbours, family members on their fellow siblings. Emergency measures have been put in place and we ..4 billion are on a lockdown, which certain individuals clearly do not wish to end, and you have to ask the old adage Who benefits… Or is it WHO benefits:- along with some nefarious corporate souls, and individuals with no souls, and great big agendas?

Certain names repeatedly come up, Firstly the man unable to fix computer virus’s from effecting millions of peoples home computers around the world, he grabbed his money and ran off to convince the Earths experts that virus’s were going to be the next pandemic. Well, i guess when you got yourself a few Billions and are looking at wholesale changing the world then sticking a spike of other virus’s from other animals, and other regions.. Well I am not too sure if it is collateral damage in the pursuit of your own health and happiness, or sycophantic philanthropy. Playing god to a bunch of people you care very little of, accept for how to reduce the overall population… so that you can grow extra pumpkins and not have to worry about poor people stealing them is not fucking well acceptable. Sorry!

The problem is, anybody looking into conspiracy has to be careful. As with the official storyline, the alternatives may have one tiny discrepancy, not even necessarily the important part of the article, but enough to mark it false. So the ministry of social networks has deemed it unsociable for people to discuss the fact that they have been kept on lockdown for nearly a month now.. Five years for me, at least.. I’m hard wired to this shit. Its those fat bellied belligerent twats who hate everyone that can afford to snort coke in the restaurant toilets whilst slagging off the poor homeless, huddled in a non-central town area … Well we must keep those statistics down eh?It’s not their fault they were programmed to be heartless, to gaslight their efforts to rob us blind whilst distracted.by people that will gain, by your blaming the poor recipients of welfare. That is the finest form of distraction. “look at my hand whilst my other hands the keys to your safe and empties it. Look at the hand”. We have fallen hook line and sinker for their efforts. Even knowing doesn’t equate to much, I mean The Tavistock institute for human relations is in London, they know the precise methods in which to bring about totalitarian change, They were instrumental in helping both Fascist and communist ideologies.

That, as far as I am concerned is the fundamental element to all this. With such intelligence, and social manipulation tools at hand. Tools which have had a fundamental part in controlled change in every country of the world.. Is it that hard to see a mirror of the past in our own present times.

4 billion people sat in their homes, waiting for the all clear to come out because the ‘war on virus’ has been won. If you lot don’t start thinking for yourselves we may not get to go out much more. You really want this for a country that has seen out more than its fair share of history? To go out to a little tiny virus, which might not even exist more than a few strange cases? Im not delving into conspiracy, I have looked for long enough and said about this for long enough to be able to leave you to sleep in your little bubble.

As above, so below

well in all history, It’s béen quite a while since anything like that occurred, or didn’t,. depending on perspective.

And now 4 billion people are being locked down on house arrest, hiding from the all new hidden enemy. Not drugs this time, or Western trained terrorists with spare bomb proof passports and a you tube podcast for liberal supporters and hashtag follows. Nope this enemy was tiny. So small, it’s debatable it even exists. Nobody had really heard of the Corona virus accept maybe Bill and Melinda gates, and the Chinese testing centres that played host to the first cases. It’s not like we weren’t expecting one.. Ol’ Billy boy had been warning our startled feariñg trusting stupid minds with visions of a healthy world, fully vaccinated and chípped.. They’re FUCKING CRAZIER THAN ME!

The sheer levels of stupidity have caused insurmountable damage. Not only to the elderly and weakest but also to every individual who may have struggled in these times. Unless able to accrue huge swaths of money. Many will find they don’t quite catch the qualification boxes for those payments. I think I have heard of 2 people personally, and neither have actually received it yet. It’s nothing personal. just government really.

It’s been a long unnecessary austerity period, followed by the greatest ‘catch n jab’ attempt the world has ever known. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but Bill Gates sounds a bit like Gollum when he says ‘vaccine’, and he says it a lot!

Smokers! The cravings we get in our brains are not nicotine, they are amino acid deficiencies!

F*** nicotine!

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Yes that is a very brave statement to make! How dare I?
Am i a doctor? No! That is why I am telling you this, without fear, I cold-turkied nicotine and trampled over tobacco

I couldn’t believe it when i hadn’t had a cigarette for 2 days. I was climbing the walls, but i didn’t want to ask for any. Trying to keep a level keel. I was testing some supplements and they were pretty useful so far.

I took my amino’s from Bright Presence and that feeling of absolute need for a cigarette went in seconds! I don’t mean it came back it went and it stayed gone! Could I ? No, c’mon Tim everyone agree’s you are possibly the crabbiest person in the world without a morning cigarette!

Well, Yes i am, I have to admit I am the crabbiest, most irritable, grumpy, mouthy individual I have the…

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Week 1 Journal Amino acid supplements

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Journal Week one

Ok a little background…

I’m far from wealthy, and have struggled in between benefits and working for a long time. A long term brain injury which was only diagnosed from the incident a few years ago has rendered me to flag a lot when going out of depth, or when trying to get off said system. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Injury is more effected from times of poverty than at any other, alternatively doing to well can lead to over compulsive spending and the need for reality checks from time to time. (That’s your reality, not mine I say!)

And so in came the well packaged Thrive box from Brighter presence. The instructions are pretty straightforward, before starting the amino supplements clean out your system with Diatomaceous Earth; This stuff essentially kills off any nasty bugs you may have in your…

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Brighter Presence amEno acids Part one

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Essential Amino’s The building blocks for health, Vitality and a new lease of life

Its not every day one gets new products to try out. When it happens, and especially when seeking to put ones life back to normal its always recommended to go for it!

It was a call from the universe I think. Locking into synchronisticvibes, a friend asked.. “Is that you at Bilderberg?” It turned out in the annals of you-tube was an old video of me watching a speaker called Darren Deogee talking about words being spells! I was captivated by the chat and remember talking afterwards. As was my way I later added him to facebook, and pretty much moved on.

I had grown tired of shouting at trillionaires, and I suspect they had more than enough pictures of me! I got to marshall David Icke and Alex Jones that day. Probably the peak…

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Prohibition is a form of human slavery.

I was a very young target by the police, well my dad wasn’t exactly the most law abiding citizen, but they could never seem to get him for anything.
Desperation led them to target 20 year old me. three times in ten days. I was walked by an informant into a bust, I was at a house that got busted and i was on my way home when a trigger happy kid in a police uniform threatened to tasor me if i was any more aggressive.

Each time i was stopped and searched, and each time They would find something. I had succumbed to the illness of addiction. Back then it was anything really. I was a partier. I liked to rave and i loved to smoke in the chillout tent!

From those days. I went to court, I ruined my life and I found it very hard to readjust to ‘normal’ society life

I was further beaten with the unlucky stick as far as cannabis is concerned, 20 years later I was stopped from seeing my children for nearly a year. I had to give up the only thing that actually helped me on a daily basis.

When I sit down to think about all the issues involved with maintaining my medicinal need for cannabis, the ducking and diving. Getting ripped off, getting attacked for having a personal life choice and the fact that people that dont agree think they have the need or the knowhow to stop a man from smoking a plant which has more medicinal qualities than the whole pharmacy back shelf at pfizer.

One must question not a plant which is clearly aiding many sick and injured, but prohibition which allows all the negative factors to fester and get worse. By outcasting whole groups of people that are caught, and making the rest live a lie in order to maintain a normal lifestyle. It is a sick and twisted policy which is beginning to eat itself after almost 100 years of prohibition in the country. Industry has died, we are about to leave the EU, good or bad we have no industry. The one thing which could pretty much help every area with the multitude products cannabis and hemp produces, just read Jack herer’s arguments 30 years ago. It is time to accept that you have no right to war, to make law or to prohibit any longer. It is an unsustainable logic which is not doing much good for our economy. It comes to something if we are relying on court fines and imprisonments as a payment. Bloody ridiculous in fact.

We can see in every country and state that it has been legalised business is booming. Without prohibition the research we can do, the help we could get for ourselves, the economy needs prohibition to be removed from cannabis.

We are clearly the subjects of some of the biggest hypocrisy, I mean the government deem it relevant to issue licences.. Only to their best friends though! Only to people that have absolutely no interest other than their own in it. Why is it so difficult to let go of the leash? Maybe its the very people that lobby on a daily basis. People looking to throw people to the wind and deem them outcast than to allow a new enterprise to start out of the homes of the poorest… A completion of the infinity sign where that trickle down economy might actually begin to work.

To me personally, sat here chugging on a nice reefer of Honey pot in the sacred spliff in the sky, I gotta say the government has given the legalisation in the next 5-10 years.This SHOULD be a period of non-prosecution. It should be a period of building something towards that date. That starts with relaxing the way people are dealt with, it starts with opening doors to people like myself, disaffected by society and left out to dry.
End prohibition!

Agent Smith, turning Green to grey, whilst stopping you from living a decent livlihood

I keep saying it. There is no doubt that my biggest fear is that discovering the qualities of CBD was a pathway to partial legalisation of all the most boring parts of cannabis science.
Faced with the decision of allowing people forced out of society for their personal choice to work and live freely they would rather continue to keep those very same people in continued impoverishness, condemning them to a life of either low paid job conformity or absolute rejection and social castration on the lower dreggs of society.. Amongst the residuum as the victorians call it. If you do not get caught out, then you can live a secret life partially hiding massive elements of your life to maintain your consumption without lawful impediment, caught and you are left to skirt the lower paid shitty jobs. Or we can take back the plant in its full vigour. When Britain Brexit’s, what are we going to Brexit to? It seems clear that the welfare system is going to be broken up. We simply do not have the resources. They have all been sold off and given away to croney friends of politicians working asystem that has massively failed society for fucking years!
We continually play the polarisation game which forces half the country to do as the other half does not wish to. Perhaps that is the issue, we have forgotten the act of self responsibility. We want people in power to beat people we dont like up, and it works well. Unfortunately this system bares no solid answers, just more life’s casualties seeking an answer to this fucked up world we find ourselves in. Party politics is on a slow death, long live free choice. The third totalitarian system. Not forcing anyone to do what they do not wish to, but allowing them through choice to live their chosen way, not with the help of some doddering old politician unable to get his dick out the latest fad’s arsehole to think about the real bigger picture.

Most of all though, this removal of prohibition is necessary for the absolute inclusion of people into society. Reintroducing the creative minds of those cast out. This is what made Jethro Tull invent the seed drill, John Harrison longitude, and the first caveman the wheel. Freedom to create invent and innovate.

We are in the final stages of the new age. The renaisance was a period of massive cultural and artistic and scientific advancement. This is the Weednaissance and there will be some great, great things to be seen!